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12/11/2014 Merel Glaubiger We have had our cars serviced by Kirberg Motors for 30 years. They have always done an excellent job
12/6/2014 Jim Bower Known Kirberg for over 20 years. They always give great service and great repairs. The best.
10/28/2014 Heidi Walter Great service. Helpful and very knowledgeable.
10/28/2014 Don Pitt Great service as always!
10/8/2014 Reyn Johnson A quick fix, following a quick diagnosis.
9/26/2014 John Ralph and his team did an excellent job getting my 911 SC running again and helping me with a few other issues.
9/26/2014 Prem Kumar Outstanding service as always.
9/10/2014 Stefan Once again, excellent service at a reasonable price...thanks, Ralph!
9/5/2013 Donald P. Kirberg is great. I had an old 2001 BMW that Kirberg serviced for years. I took it in right before I wanted to sell it. Ralph was totally honest with me. He said that it needed a complete suspension overhaul and it the suspension was making noise. He advised me to sell it as is and not do the repairs even though he would have made quite a bit if I did the repairs in his shop. To top it off....he didn't charge me to check the car out and give me advice.I couldn't be happier with Kirberg. As a result, I bought another used BMW knowing that I can take it to Kirberg whenever it is acting up. I highly recommend these guys!
7/18/2013 Brianna J. Thank You Ralph for the help with the 911! We had a problem with the ignition systems computer and were ready to go get another one from Porsche for $2000. Instead , Ralph recommended that we send it to someone he knew and in less than a week we are up and running again. They also cured the problem with the remote lock out light on the dash!!!! the best part is it was under $500. I can not believe we suffered for so long with this problem when we could have got it fixed so easy through Kirberg motors.