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4/17/2012 Rich Wood Knowledgeable, honest, reliable and responsive. Ralph has been the primary service provider for all of my cars since 1988. I strongly recommend him.
1/10/2012 martha/ reynj Kirberg once again performs perfectly. Great job, quickly done, completely wonderful.
12/21/2011 martha/ reynj Kirburg Motors is easy. Make a reservation by email. Drop car off night before. Pick up car after hours. Car is serviced well. It's carefree.
12/20/2011 brenth Knowledgeable and proving to be more reliable after each visit. Would strongly recommend the shop
11/16/2011 paulac I can rely on Kirberg Motors to service my car with what it needs, and what will keep me safe. They do not try to sell unnecessary services. I have been a customer for at least 20 years and hope Kirberg Motors stays in business for a long time to come.
11/5/2011 charlesm Good job Ralph. No ABC light yet.
9/9/2011 paulac My interior door handle (driver's side) broke off in my hand and I had to roll down the window and reach outside to open the door of the car. Ralph ordered the part, we scheduled an appointment and the repair was done while I waited -- only about 25 minutes. Consistently great customer service.
8/31/2011 paulac You can trust them to do a good job and NOT try to sell you repairs or service you don't need. Have been a loyal customer for 25+ years. As long as I have a German car I will continue to patronize Kirberg Motors.
7/31/2011 manouchg Good job Ralph! Routine service performed.
5/27/2011 charlesm GOT THE JOB DONE FAST AND RIGHT