Watch Out For This Latest Car Repair Scam

Photo of a BMW M6

Car repair scams are nothing new. However, this latest car repair scam is costing car owners significantly. The BBB Scam Tracker is warning consumers of a new type of car repair scam that involves strangers offering to fix “dents” on your car. How Does the Car Repair Scam Work? A stranger approaches you in a… Read More

6 Reasons Why European Car Brands Are a Better Buy

Photo of a Happy Driver Hugging Their European Car

When it is time to trade in your old vehicle for an upgrade, there some questions that get discussed on car lots across the United States. Should you shop American or European car brands? While American brands have a lot going for them—including lower prices and less frequent maintenance needs—there are several reasons that European… Read More

Four Reasons You Should Get Your Car Repaired Now

Photo of a Technician Working on an Auto Repair

Have you been ignoring that check engine light on your dashboard? Been ignoring that rattle from the back end of your car? Did you miss your last scheduled maintenance appointment? Now may be the time to get that car repair your vehicle needs. Several auto industry events, such as the chip shortage, are contributing to… Read More

How Is the Global Chip Shortage Affecting the Auto Industry?

Electronic Circuit Chip

Did you know there is a chip shortage going on in the auto industry? The Texas freeze, Taiwanese drought and a fire at a Japanese factory have all factored into this global shortage. No automaker is being spared. Ford, Chevrolet and Tesla are slowing production and finding new ways to build their vehicles. Even European… Read More

Things You Shouldn’t Leave In Your Car During a Heatwave

Family Looking Out of the Car Sunroof

Summer 2021 is bringing the heat. A California heatwave has already scorched a good portion of the state, and more hot weather may be on the way. As Californians try to cope with record temperatures, our auto techs want to help. The heat inside a vehicle on a hot summer day is so intense it… Read More